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Blog by Zeta Griffiths, Practice Manager extraordinaire
Photo : Zeta and Jenny (Director of Driving Well)

From an intake perspective the best advice I could give to any client would be, be involved in the process.

Our OT team is amazing, but they aren’t mind readers. A lot of the important information will come from you. For example…. What are your capabilities and limitations? Do you really have 20/20 vision, or might the Optometrist have a different opinion of your eyesight. The information that you gather for us before you actually meet your OT for the first time is invaluable.

Be prepared, make that appointment with your GP (make sure it’s a long one) and don’t leave without the paperwork we’ve asked you to get. Sometimes the GP thinks they know the process and can be a little stubborn, be patient and insistent and it will save you a second trip back to see them if you don’t come away with what we need.

Sometimes there are other things holding people back from getting everything organised. You may need a family member to take you for the appointments or you have scanner or fax limitations. Don’t get too hung up on how I’m going to get the paperwork back, I’ve got a whole bag of tricks up my sleeve. Get the process started and we’ll help you with the returns policy 🙂

I was once told I was being a pest by a lovely young man (98 years young) who needed an assessment. He didn’t have his paperwork and his assessment was quickly approaching. I would call him every second day, and ask if he’s made his appointments with the GP and Optometrist. He knew he needed to get them, but something was holding him back. On my last call to him I asked him what was really stopping him? His answer, “it’s time to stop and I just didn’t want to admit it. Not to mention Zeta, I though about what you said about all the money I’ll save when I get rid of the car and insurances etc and you know what, that’s a lot of beer!” We had a laugh and he gracefully retired from driving.

Everyone’s situation is different and our team would like to help you find your destination.

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Our website explains in detail the process and forms needed for an OT driving assessment:
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