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"Get Driving" online therapy toolkit

This is a therapy program and resource package to use with learner drivers, after they have completed a “Potential to Drive” assessment with an OT driver assessor.

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“Get Driving” Online Therapy Toolkit

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  • Learner drivers who have completed a “Potential to Drive” assessment
  • Parents / caregivers / families of learner drivers
  • OT driver assessors working with learner drivers
  • Generalist OTs, allied health assistants, support coordinators, support workers.

The “Get Driving” therapy toolkit has sets of activities to target the skills in the information processing cycle needed for driving:

  • Motor activities
  • Vision/processing activities
  • Preparing for driving activities
  • Passenger activities

Each activity has an instruction handout sheet, video/s and downloadable resources.

NDIS participants (self / plan managed only): $387.98
(equivalent of 2 hours of therapy support from CB: improved daily living)

Occupational therapists: $400 to access the online therapy toolkit

Young people with diagnoses such as Autism Spectrum Disorder and ADHD may have additional challenges making it more difficult to learn to drive. Clients can undergo a “Potential to Drive” assessment with an OT driver assessor to determine if they have potential to learn to drive and identify any challenges they may have, and whether they are suitable to apply for funding to assist with a specialised driving training program.

If your client / you / your loved one has a disability that makes it more difficult to learn to drive, they will probably need more help in improving underlying skills needed for driving (motor coordination, visual search and planning skills).
Driving lessons are full-on – there is a lot to take in, especially in the early phases.
We know for conditions including ASD and ADHD that focusing on one task at a time and building this up (eg developing visual searching skills when outside of the car or when in the front passenger seat) will then make it easier to integrate skills when behind-the-wheel on driving lessons.

For driving / generalist OTs: your client may need some “driving support sessions” to complement their driving lessons, in order to make sufficient gains with fundamental skills, to then have improved benefit from driving lessons.

For clients: If you / your loved one has a computer and a suitable person (eg parent or support worker) to support practice of activities, then you might wish to consider purchasing your own access to the course, to be able to work on skills outside of your driving lessons or any support sessions with your driving OT.

1. Email admin@drivingwell.com.au to request purchase of the Get Driving Toolkit through your NDIS plan.
We need your:

  • Name
  • NDIS Participant number
  • Payment details (Plan manager / self managed)

Cost = $387.98 (equivalent of 2 hours of CB: improved daily living)

2. We will bill your plan then email you details to log-in with a “coupon” to access the Toolkit.

3. Log-in here: https://drivingwell.thinkific.com/courses/getdriving
Create an account, receive an email confirmation, log-in at any time!


Driving OTs and Generalist OTs: Click here to access the toolkit.

This therapy toolkit does not replace an OT driving assessment or potential to drive assessment.

OT driver assessors are NOT driving instructors, and do not purport to be providing training, demonstration, advice or instruction regarding learning to drive.

The therapy toolkit is for use ideally AFTER a potential to drive assessment, to develop underlying skills needed for driving (motor coordination, visual search, processing and planning).

Driving therapy sessions do not count towards driving lessons hours and do not replace the need for specialised driving lessons.

OT driver assessors are recommended to seek their own legal and/or insurance broker advice.

Driving Well Occupational Therapy accepts no liability regarding other persons’ decisions to provide practice opportunities for learner/pre-learner/returning drivers through passenger activities.

Driving OTs and Generalist OTs: Click here to access the toolkit. 

Acknowledgements to our clients Jacob and Adrian for demonstrating.

Acknowledgements to Dr Miriam Monahan, Driver Rehabilitation Institute for training and sharing of underpinning knowledge and research, to be able to develop this program.

Is my young adult ready to drive?

Does your young adult with ASD/ADHD/learning disabilities want to learn to drive? This 1.5 hour webinar will guide you through the driving research, medical fitness to drive guidelines, reviewing lifeskills, and preparation needed, to help you to identify if your young adult is ready for an OT driving assessment or learn to drive.

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Driving Well Occupational Therapy

Parent and OT webinar: "Is my young adult ready for driving"


This webinar is for any parent or health professional who is working with a young adult with a diagnosis of conditions including ASD, ADHD, CP and ID, who has a goal to learn to drive.

  • 1.5 hour webinar
  • Slides from webinar
  • Readiness for driving: lifeskills checklist
  • Links from webinar


NDIS participants (self / plan managed only): $200.00

OTs and other health professionals: $200.00

The webinar aims to increase your knowledge and consider:
  • the Assessing Fitness to Drive guidelines in Australia and medical condition notification and clearance requirement
  • financial capacity, motivation and parent input needed 
  • neurological differences of ASD, ADHD, CP and intellectural disability in relation to driving
  • complexity of driving with theoretical model
  • how lifeskills (eg cooking, washing and shopping) can help determine a client’s readiness to drive
  • components of a potential to drive assessment
  • tools and strategies to help prepare clients for driving
  • understand the NDIS guidelines regarding learning to drive

1. Email admin@drivingwell.com.au to request purchase of the readiness for driving webinar through your NDIS plan.
We need your:

  • Name
  • NDIS Participant number
  • Payment details (Plan manager / self managed)

Cost = $200.00 

2. We will bill your plan then email you details to log-in with a “coupon” to access the Webinar.

3. Log-in here: https://drivingwell.thinkific.com/collections
Create an account, receive an email confirmation, log-in at any time!

Overview of PTD assessment

You’re an OT driver assessor working with young adults wanting to learn to drive… you’ve heard of or been to the potential to drive workshops, but how do you actually implement the PTD assessment in practice? This 1.5 hour webinar will show you!

20220209 121556

This webinar is for OT driver assessors wishing to complete “Potential to Drive” assessments with learner and pre-learner clients.

$200.00 (including GST)


  • Intake and prep:
    • script and communications: outcome – potential or may not have potential to drive.
    • referral, medical certificate, optometrist as necessary
    • send to parents: adolescent lifeskills checklist
    • considerations: finances to purchase and run a car, motivation, parent input


  • Session 1: off-road / clinical assessment


  • Session 2: on-road assessment with OTDA, specialised driving instructor and parent/support worker
    • passenger activities (DI driving, client as front passenger, OTDA and parent in the back
    • for clients with learner’s permit: behind-the-wheel
    • discussion and outcome of assessment


  • Report, quote for lessons and submit to NDIS for approval; send to other parties (GP, SLA, family, SC as needed)


  • Tools and homework:
    • Drive Focus app
    • therapy program
    • Get Driving therapy toolkit

It is strongly recommended that you attend a potential to drive workshop (full 2-part online workshop) before attempting to conduct these assessments.

The overview will run you through “what to do” with this assessment approach, but does not explain “why” – it doesn’t cover the research behind this approach. The workshop goes into detail about the neurological differences of those conditions, driving research, and learning preferences that underpin the assessment; the assessment workshop also includes an introduction to training and intervention techniques.

PTD assessment - Resource Pack

All the handouts and templates you’ll need for your Potential to Drive assessment

Ptd Resource Pack

This resource pack is for driving OTs who are completing “Potential to Drive” assessments with learner and pre-learner drivers with autism, ADHD and executive functioning disorders.

$250.00 including GST

Everything you need from intake, through to the outcome of assessment and planning lessons – already created, don’t re-invent the wheel!

Potential to Drive workshop

Approach for clients with ASD and cognitive disabilities

Online Workshop

This is a 2-part online workshop for driving OTs and specialised driving instructors to refresh your knowledge and skills using this approach to work with clients with autism and or executive function problems on their goal to learn to drive.

20220209 111349

To be announced

Driving OTs and driving instructors… this is targeted at participants who have attended the “assessment” workshop previously.

$600 (including GST)

  • Refresh / overview of the “potential to drive” approach in determining readiness for driving
  • Understand sensory profiles screening and application to driving assessment
  • Use tools including Drive Focus app and facilitated passenger activities to support development of driving skills
  • Embed the “Potential to Drive” approach into your practice
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Potential to Drive workshop

Implementing the approach for learner and pre-learner drivers in Australia

In Person Workshop

Driving Well OT is partnering with OT Services Group in Perth to bring the first ever LIVE and FACE TO FACE workshop for OT Driver Assessors and specialised driving instructors and generalist OTs!

This 4 hour workshop is a follow-up to the online Potential to Drive training and readiness to drive training.

To be announced

  • OT driver assessors and driving instructors who have completed the live online two-part (8 hours) potential to drive training with Jenny Gribbin and Dr Miriam Monahan (USA)
  • OT driver assessors and driving instructors who have not yet completed the PTD online training but are interested in learning more.
  • Generalist OTs working with young adults regarding “readiness to drive” are welcome to attend part 2 (email Jenny for a discount)
  • Refresh your knowledge and application of the researched challenges that drivers with neurodiversity experience
  • Task analysis and scaffolding of driving training techniques
  • Workshop to Practice: how to implement this approach in your practice / business
  • Reviewing lifeskills and factors regarding readiness to pursue learning to drive
  • Providing a driving therapy program for learner and pre-learner drivers
  • General Q&A and troubleshooting

Individual and group supervision

Available with Jenny – questions and your case studies to support you in implementing the potential to drive assessment.

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Clinical supervision sessions are for driving OTs conducting potential to drive assessments and working with pre-learner and learner drivers with a goal to learn to drive.

Individual sessions cost $193.99/hour.

Group sessions available following workshops. Contact Jenny regarding the costs.

Clinical supervision sessions are conducted via Zoom at a mutually convenient time (usually on a Thursday or Friday). 

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Driving with a medical condition or disability?


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