Senior Drivers Assessments

Intake / Referral

You have a medical condition / injury / disability / are an older driver and discussed driving with your GP. Your GP has requested that you complete the occupational therapy driving assessment to help them determine whether they can provide medical clearance for you to continue driving or return to driving.

Paperwork Required

Please ensure you have returned copies of the following documents to Zeta, Practice Manager ( and have them available on the day:

    1. Current Driver’s Licence:
      • Please check the expiry date on your driving licence.
      • If your driving licence is not current, take your medical certificate to the Transport Department to get a temporary licence – this will cost about $87 for 12 months.
      • You cannot drive in the driving assessment without a valid licence.
    2. Current QLD Transport Medical Certificate (QTMC):
      • This is a QLD Transport requirement
      • Obtain this from your GP, stating “medically stable for purpose of OT driving assessment / driving lessons only”.
      • You will need to take this QTMC for processing to QLD Transport prior to your appointment.
    3. GP Referral / Medical History
      • Medical conditions and medications
    4. Optometrist report if required by Doctor
    5. If relevant: hospital discharge summary / other medical/allied health reports


What is involved in an occupational therapy driving assessment?

1.5 hour Clinical Assessment: (Client and OT Driver Assessor)

  • medical /disability history and medications
  • driving history
  • physical, cognitive and vision function screen
  • road law knowledge screen

1 hour practical assessment: (client, OT driver assessor and specialised driving instructor)

Note: Driving Well OT partners with about half a dozen specialised driving instructors who are independent business owners; the driving instructor is selected and booked, based on geographical location, type of service, anticipated match, and availability.

  • The practical assessment is a drive in the specialised driving instructor’s car, with the driving instructor in the front passenger seat, and the OT Driver Assessor in the rear left seat. The drive usually commences from your home.
  • An open or local area licence can be considered.
  • The practical drive is a test of driving performance in the following areas:
    • observation skills
    • speed control
    • planning and judgement
    • vehicle positioning
    • physical control and reaction time
    • insight into driving performance
  • The OT Driver Assessor will talk with the Driving Instructor at the end of the drive, to determine the outcome of the assessment.
  • The assessment CANNOT be completed in the client’s own vehicle, as it does not have dual controlled brakes and this may not be safe for the client, OT Driver Assessor, Driving Instructor or the community. Every OT driving assessment will be completed in the driving instructor’s car with dual controls, so the driving instructor can intervene if there is an emergency situation.

Possible Outcomes

For every OT Driving Assessment, there are Three possible outcomes:

“Pass”: medical condition is not impacting on driving and therefore safe to continue driving

“Driving program”: client has not yet passed

  • Requires lessons / refresher sessions with the specialised Driving Instructor to attempt to address concerns seen in the initial on-road assessment or learn to drive with vehicle modifications.
  • An on-road re-assessment is usually required after the lessons.
  • Lessons and re-assessment are at additional cost.

“Fail”: medical condition is impacting on driving and no longer safe, and recommendation that the licence will be cancelled and the person is recommended to retire from driving.

After the Assessment

1. OT Driving Assessment Report
Your OT Driver Assessor will complete a medicolegal report regarding the outcome of the assessment and recommendations – this will be sent to your referring doctor (usually your GP), Medical Conditions Reporting Unit at QLD Transport, the driving instructor and any other relevant parties determined during the assessment (eg Support Coordinator, NDIS, other insurer).

We aim to complete the report within 5 BUSINESS DAYS and we usually send the report to the GP/Doctor through the “Medical Objects” portal or via email.

2. See Your GP

  • Book an appointment to see your GP/Specialist for at least 5 BUSINESS DAYS following the driving assessment.
  • Make arrangements (family/friend/taxi/public transport) to attend your GP/Specialist appointment.
  • The GP/Specialist will review the report, and if they are in agreement with the recommendations (in pass and rehab outcomes), they will provide you an updated QLD Transport Medical Certificate.

3. Go to QLD Transport
Make arrangements to go to QLD Transport (family/friend/taxi/public transport) and take your updated QLD Transport Medical Certificate for processing.

4. Next Steps

  • If you have passed the assessment and been to the Transport office, you can now drive.
  • If you are recommended lessons and been to the Transport office, you can commence the lessons.

5. Re-assessment

  • When a driving program (lessons) is required, the OT driver assessor will talk with the Driving Instructor and book the re-assessment at the end of the driving program (or earlier if the client is ready).
  • The on-road re-assessment follows the same process as the first on-road assessment.
  • The “three possible outcomes” of a driving assessment remain.
  • There are no guarantees that a client will pass following a driving program.
  • The OT driver assessor will complete another report and send this with recommendations to the GP.
  • If you have passed, you will need to see your GP again, for the GP to review the report and if they agree, they will provide an upgraded QLD Transport Medical Certificate.
  • You must then take the upgraded QLD Transport Medical Certificate to QLD Transport for processing – then you can drive.
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