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Driving assessment and vehicle modifications process

Driving Well Occupational Therapy aims to guide you through what can be a daunting and complex process. There are many steps required, with governance by QLD Transport and Australian Competency Standards for OT Driver Assessors, and working with funding bodies including NDIS, NIISQ and Workcover.

For Further Information:

Medical Condition Reporting
If you are over the age of 75 years
Jet’s Law Brochure
Driving with a medical condition or disability

The law in Queensland states that “any person with a medical condition or disability that may affect their ability to drive, must have medical clearance from their doctor. In cases where there is concern regarding learning ability or a physical impairment, the person will need to have an Occupational Therapy driving assessment.”

This law is called Jet’s Law”, named for Jet Rowland who in 2004 was 2 years old and involved in an accident, where the driver of the other vehicle had epilepsy and shouldn’t have been driving. Jet was killed, his older brother had a catastrophic spinal cord injury and uses a wheelchair, and their mother Anita (a Police Officer) sustained serious orthopaedic injuries.

When a GP is unsure about the person’s ability to drive or the functional impact of the medical condition or disability on driving, they can refer for an Occupational Therapy Driving Assessment. This must be completed by an Occupational Therapist with the additional post-graduate driver assessor qualification. All our occupational therapists at Driving Well have this qualification; director Jenny also has an additional qualification to assess heavy vehicle drivers.

After an OT driving assessment, the OT will make a recommendation back to the GP in a formal report, and then the GP makes the final decision about the person’s medical fitness for driving. To continue driving, the GP writes a new QLD Transport Medical Certificate for the person to take to the QLD Transport office for processing; an updated licence is then provided.

There are extremely serious consequences of driving with a medical condition when the proper clearance and reporting is not completed, and an accident occurs:

  • Insurance is voided
  • Significant fine (in excess of $10000)
  • Potential criminal charges – prosecution
  • Putting themselves and others in danger
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Step One
All The Forms
For drivers:
  • You cannot legally drive until this is completed!
Step One
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Step Two
Complete Your Referral
  • Complete our “Client Referral” form (you can save and come back any time)
    • For NDIS clients: NDIS Plan and details so we can develop your Service Agreement
  • For drivers: start uploading your below documents
    • Driver’s license
    • QLD Transport Medical Certificate
    • GP referral
    • Discharge Summary, Medical / Allied Health reports
Step Two
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Step Three
Get In The Diary
  • Our wonderful Practice Manager Zeta will call you to:
    • Book your appointment
    • Send you an appointment letter
  • NDIS clients:
    • Your service agreement will be developed and sent to you
    • Please sign and send back the document
Step Three
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Step Four
Get Ready
  • Self-funded clients: please pay your invoice
  • Complete your consent form
  • Complete your risk assessment
  • Send any outstanding documents required
  • Preparation for driving assessment:
Step Four
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Step Five
Assessment Time
  • Complete your assessment (driving assessment - potential to drive assessment - vehicle modifications assessment) with your OT driver assessor
Step Five
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Step Six
Next Steps
  • Your OT driver assessor will develop recommendations and a plan with you following outcome of assessment – this might include:
    • OT driving assessment report will be sent to GP, Medical Conditions Reporting Unit (TMR), NDIS, driving instructor – within 5 business days of the assessment
    • Starting driving lessons
    • Vehicle mods consultation
    • Vehicle mods application and quotes
    • Book and complete your driving reassessment as needed
    • OTs are often the last to know when things are approved
    • If you get a phone call from NDIS telling you something is approved, get it in writing!
    • If your OT is not cc’d in the email, please forward it to your OT!
  • For vehicle modifications clients:
    • Your OT driver assessor will assist with case management to ensure everything is progressing
    • On completion of the vehicle modifications, a handover assessment with the OT driver assessor (and driving instructor for driving modifications) will finalise the process.
Step Six
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Driving Well Occupational Therapy

Driving with a medical condition or disability?


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