INTAKE UPDATE (October 2021)

Due to complexity and demands, we are reviewing the scope of services:

- no longer accepting referrals for clients with mental health diagnoses

- all "potential to drive" assessment services are on pause until 2022

Referrals for a driving assessment can be initiated by a Support Coordinator / Support Planner, GP/specialist, allied health professional, client or family member. All referrals must be accompanied by medical clearance and certificate from a GP/specialist, and a vision assessment completed by an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist.

We are able to service:

- NDIS participants (we are NDIS registered!)

- NIISQ participants

- TAC clients

- WorkCover

- iCare

- other general insurance / solicitor based clients

To save you unnecessary additional communication steps, please follow the instructions below:

  • Call Zeta our Practice Manager to book an appointment, and then the client will need to see the GP and Optometrist (older person / neurological condition) and gather the forms below.

  • For NDIS clients, we also require the NDIS Plan and details.

  • Once you have all the necessary documents, please send ALL of the documents to Zeta our Practice Manager on, so she can then confirm the appointment.

Referrals must include:

1) Referral form and clearance to undergo OT driving assessment signed by GP/specialist

2) QLD Transport medical certificate 

--> refer to the Guide: "How to complete a Medical Certificate" 

--> Client MUST take this medical certificate to QLD Transport office for processing. They will likely have an "M" medical condition endorsement placed on their licence - this just means that they need to carry the medical clearance for driving.

3) Vision Assessment Form 

--> older drivers, clients with neurological conditions/injuries MUST see the Optometrist / Ophthalmologist to complete this form. Otherwise GP can do visual acuity and visual fields on the QLD Transport Medical Certificate.

4) Insured Clients:

- full name

- who is the decision maker for the client


- address

- phone number

- case number

- case manager name and contact details

- email address

- purpose of assessment: driving / driving with modifications / access/wheelchair stowage / travelling as a passenger / driving from wheelchair / potential to drive / vehicle ergonomics

- client's medical condition/disability

- current licence class (none vs learner vs open)

- basic overview of current level of function: mobility, transfers, upper limbs, lower limbs, cognition

For NDIS Participants:

- NDIS Participant number, plan start date and plan end date 

- funding type, support coordinator details, plan manager details (as relevant)

- Copy of NDIS plan: our service provision often lasts a period of months, to even a year or two - it is so much easier for us to have a copy of the plan on file, so when it is time to complete a vehicle modifications application or review lessons, we can write the goals word for word on the plan, and check what items are included on the plan (eg car mods - composite, or specialised driving lessons). We charge the NDIS rate for OTs $193.99 and develop a tailored service agreement, anticipating the hours that will be required for the job.

5) Hospital discharge summary or any reports previously completed by community / paediatric Occupational Therapists, Psychologists, Neurologist, Psychiatrists, Physiotherapist. 

6) Photograph of driver's licence.

Withholding information can result in an inaccurate assessment and incorrect recommendations - which could lead to significant risks for the client and the community.

This is a big process, so well done for getting this far!

If you are still stuck, Zeta our Practice Manager will be more than happy to answer any questions - ph: 0407 671 621.

Thank you for your support with this streamlined process, to get your Participants booked in for an appointment faster.