Let's keep safe and well

At Driving Well, we are taking the Coronavirus crisis very seriously. We are keeping up to date with government announcements, have completed updated training on infection control procedures regarding COVID-19. We have hand-wash, wipes and soap and water on hand to kill any germs on surfaces of equipment and vehicles between clients. We have attended a business training session to ensure we are as informed and equipped as possible to be able to safely continue to provide a service to our clients in the community who may be elderly or have a disability.

If you have an appointment coming up, please review the checklist and ensure you are practising hand washing and social distancing for FOUR DAYS prior to your appointment.

If you are worried that you have symptoms or been exposed to someone who has symptoms that may be the Coronavirus, then please cancel your appointment. Your cancellation fee will be waived for self-isolation period, and we will do our best to re-schedule your appointment as soon as possible.

We need to look after each other's health and spirits in this challenging time. Let's keep safe and well.

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