The basics of Vehicle Modifications

I have been working quite a lot lately with Harry Wright at Caddy Mobility and chat about all things "vehicle mods". In March 2018 they opened their second Brisbane based shop, so now have a service available at both Parkinson and Brendale. Harry absolutely knows his stuff. He has the best part of two decades experience with this company and if in the unlikely case he can't answer your questions about modifying a vehicle for access or driving, he will find out.

There is a wide range of vehicle modifications on the market which enable people with injury or disability to drive a vehicle and/or to access a vehicle.

Driver modifications:

- spinner knobs and other steering aids

- electronic steering aids eg steering knobs and satellite accelerators

- push/pull and push/pat hand controls

- over/under-ring accelerator

- indicator extension levers

- left foot accelerator

- automatic transmission conversion

Passenger / vehicle access modifications:

- wheelchair accessible conversions and fitouts

- wheelchair hoists and ramps

- lowered floors

- wheelchair tie-downs and docking stations/pins

- seating conversions

- wheelchair and scooter storage

So what do I do?

The general process with any vehicle modification is as follows:

1) Have an OT assessment and prescription from a qualified Occupational Therapist (must be a driving trained OT to prescribe driver mods). Prescription will usually require the team of client, OT, driving instructor and vehicle modifier to work together to determine the best option.

Clients returning to driving

2) Have lessons with the rehabilitation driving instructor to develop competence with the modifications

3) Have an OT on-road re-assessment if necessary

4) OT liaises with the driving instructor and informs GP/specialist that you have passed

5) Return to GP/specialist to gain new medical certificate,

6) Take updated medical certificate to QLD Transport to have licence endorsed with conditions "M" for medical condition and "V" for vehicle modification

All clients

7) Modifications must be installed and authorised by an approved officer

8) Modifications must also be reported to QLD Transport and a modification plate (pictured) installed

Funding Options

Sound expensive? You may be eligilbe for funding assistance:

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) - click here

This scheme rolls out in south-east QLD from 2017.

Once you are an approved Participant and have an NDIS Plan including a goal to either drive or be transported in a modified vehicle, NDIS provides the following subsidies:

- all reasonable and necessary modifications

- no exact "ceiling' on funding

- do not provide subsidy toward purchase of a vehicle

- vehicle to be modified must not be more than 5 years old and no more than 80,000km odometer

Vehicle Options Subsidy Scheme (VOSS) - click here to see a copy of the guidelines

VOSS is still available for Moreton council residents until January 2019. Clients must be under the age of 65 and meet the Department of Communities disability criteria.

This scheme provides the following subsidies:

- $800 for assessment and prescription from OT

- up to $4500 for purchase of an already modified vehicle

- up to $4300 for vehicle modifications

- $400 for driving lessons

Other Vehicle Modifiers

KCF Rallysport - based in Kippa-ring

KM Kite - based in Arundel

Automobility - based in Southport

Reben Mobility - based in Toowoomba

Other Information

QLD Transport vehicle modifications guidelines - click here



Can I help you?

Please contact me at Driving Well Occupational Therapy if you need a hand in obtaining driver or passenger vehicle modifications.

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