Referrals for a driving assessment can be initiated by a GP/specialist, allied health professional, client or family member. All referrals must be accompanied by medical clearance and certificate from a GP/specialist, and a vision assessment completed by an Optometrist/Ophthalmologist.

Referrals will be accepted for funded clients (eg with funding from WorkCover QLD or NDIS) and private / self-funded clients.

Referrals must include:

1) Referral form and clearance to undergo OT driving assessment signed by GP/specialist

2) QLD Transport medical certificate signed by GP/specialist "for purposes of OT driving assessment"

--> refer to the Guide: "How to complete a Medical Certificate" to help with this

3) Vision Assessment Form to be completed by an Optometrist / Ophthalmologist prior to driving assessment

Referral contact:

mail:      PO Box 2146, Runcorn Q 4113

phone:   0407 671 621

fax:        07 3345 4794


Phone: 0407 671 621

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