Helpful resources for driving assessment and vehicle modifications


Reasonable and necessary criteria

To have a support (eg vehicle modifications) funded by the NDIS, it needs to meet the "reasonable and necessary criteria" outlined in the NDIS Act.

There are 6 criteria:

- will help you to pursue (and achieve) the goals in your NDIS Plan

- will facilitate social and economic participation

- the support is value for money

- the support will be effective and beneficial

- takes into account reasonable expectations of informal supports

- most appropriately funded by NDIS


Your driving OT will discuss these criteria with you to be able to address these in the application.


Click here to see how we have addressed the R&N for Katie's vehicle modifications application.

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Tips to make your partnership with Driving Well a success

Driving Well Occupational Therapy’s purpose is to provide clinical excellence in occupational therapy driving assessments and vehicle modifications for people with medical conditions and disabilities in the greater Brisbane area. ​


We thrive on supporting our clients to maintain, return to, or retire from driving, and/or access a vehicle in a safe, fair and compassionate way. ​


We are passionate about safety on the road and that our clients have opportunities to access the community, so they can participate and do the things they love.


These are five helpful tips to make your partnership with Driving Well a success.