Driving assessment and Vehicle Modifications Services

Driving Well Occupational Therapy provides a vast range of driving and vehicle modifications services so that we can work with many different clients to help them stay safe on (or off) the road.

Driving Well Occupational Therapy work with the following client groups:

  • Older clients with general frailty/ageing, physical/functional problems, memory loss etc

  • Clients with chronic health conditions eg diabetes

  • Clients with neurological conditions eg stroke, Parkinsons, spinal cord injury

  • Clients with orthopaedic injuries eg amputations, hand and shoulder injuries, back injuries

  • Younger/learner drivers with physical impairments such as cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury

  • Younger/learner drivers with learning difficulties eg Aspergers and Autism



Fees Information

Funded Services

Driving Well can provide services to clients receiving funding through the following insurers:

Example Service Agreements (NDIS Participants):

  • Driving assessment

  • Driving assessment and vehicle modifications

  • Passenger vehicle modifications

  • Potential to Drive - for learner drivers on Autism Spectrum or other executive function challenges

Self-funded Clients

For self-funded clients, Driving Well offers a complete service package including:

  • Assessment for cars, heavy vehicles and motorbikes available

  • Driving instructor's fee

  • Report to the referring Doctor and to QLD Transport

  • QLD Road Rules refresher book

  • Access to information and videos to feel prepared for the assessment 

  • Communication and case management 

  • Support for retirement from driving as needed

For our senior drivers, we offer the addition of an online course: "Preparing Senior Drivers for an OT driving assessment".

This course is designed to support senior drivers (and their families) who need to do an OT driving assessment.

The course includes 9 lessons over about 3 hours video content with a workbook, Jenny guides you through:

  • why you are being required to do the assessment

  • laws regarding medical conditions and driving

  • how the assessment works

  • tips to help prepare for the assessment

  • planning ahead for retiring from driving

Fee Schedules for self-funded clients:


Senior drivers - Car (C class): Deluxe package (assessment and online course): click here

Car (C class): click here

Trucks / Forklifts (MR, HR, HC and MC classes): click here

Motorbike riding (RE and R class): click here


The effects of an injury or getting older often have some impact on our ability to drive. Some people also have some bad habits, or may not be up-to-date with their road rules. In cases where there are some safety concerns and the client is aware of these and able to improve, the recommendation will be to have Driving Rehabilitation with the specialised driving instructor.

Cost of Lessons and Re-assessment (self-funded clients only):

Lessons: will depend on your driving instructor and location – varies around $120/lesson

Re-assessment: Flat fee $450 including driving instructor lesson fee and progress report to GP

This will typically be required for clients following stroke, brain injury, cognitive impairment and vehicle modifications.


Vehicle Modifications:

An additional $250 fee will be incurred for clients requiring vehicle modifications.

(Insured clients will be charged the hourly rate as per NDIS service agreement or other insured approved quote).




Self-funded clients:

Payment MUST be received at least 7 days prior to the assessment or the assessment will be cancelled.

There is a $30 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled within 5 days prior to the assessment.

Insured clients (NDIS / NIISQ / WorkCover etc):

Full assessment and driving instructor fee will be charged if the appointment is cancelled with less than seven days notice.


For NDIA managed clients: Service booking will be set-up and invoicing completed through the portal.


For Plan managed clients: Invoicing will be sent to the plan manager. 

For other insurance clients: invoicing will be sent to the insurer

Self-managed / self-funded clients:

An invoice will be issued following the assessment.

Payment options:
1) Direct debit transfer (details on the invoice).
2) Link for "Stripe" to pay via credit card
3) Phone Zeta to pay via credit card over the phone.

Payment MUST be received within 7 days of the invoice.

For ongoing services, any late payment or failure to pay will result in late fees and debt collection.