Mission Statement

Driving Well Occupational Therapy’s mission is to deliver excellence in occupational therapy driving assessments and vehicle modifications for people with medical conditions and disabilities. We thrive on helping our clients to be able to gain freedom, independence and normality. We understand that being able to drive or access a vehicle truly enables living and we are passionate about keeping our clients safe and well on the road, so that they can do the things that are important to them.

Vision Statement

At Driving Well Occupational Therapy our Vision is to be a leader in occupational therapy driving assessment and rehabilitation service provision in South East Queensland. We are passionate about helping people with driving and vehicle access, dedicated to continuous learning and improvement, and thrive on engaging with the community to deliver the very best of services. Driving Well Occupational Therapy aspires to be a trusted brand for drivers and passengers with medical conditions and disabilities.    


At Driving Well Occupational Therapy our two core, encompassing values include:



  • We strive to be kind in all dealings with clients and key stakeholders.


  • We are compassionate, we listen, we care, we communicate, we understand, we are honest, we are authentic.


  • We take care of our work colleagues, business supports and stakeholder network.


  • When delivering bad news, “clear is kind” and we strive to handle this with compassion and integrity.




  • At Driving Well Occupational Therapy, we love what we do – working with people with medical conditions, injuries and disabilities to keep them driving, get them back to driving, or get them into their own vehicle. This is the most satisfying and rewarding thing for us, and gives us the motivation to keep going – the “why factor”! We celebrate these wins. Check out our Why Factor Gallery to see some of our wins.


  • We are committed to exceptional customer service. We are a busy service, and always strive to manage our diary in the best, most effective way to deliver assessments, reports and applications in a timely manner.


  • We are dedicated to clinical excellence. Therapists are members of OT Australia and actively participate in the QLD Driving Special Interest Group. We engage with clinical mentors, colleagues and experts in the vehicle modification and driving rehabilitation industry throughout Australia. We attend webinars, conferences and networking events. We are continually growing our individual level of skill and expertise, and thrive on developing skills to work with complex clients. We are always learning more about the best way and best technology to help our clients.


  • We are passionate about supporting and educating clients, referrers, colleagues and members of the community about the area of occupational therapy driving assessment and vehicle modifications.